For decades Schmidler has been a leading brand in kitchens and bathroom faucets as well as in bathroom accessories. Besides the undisputed quality based on years of experience its attractive designs are innovative and the selection of contemporary design solutions is intended for all generations.


Schmidler sets new design trends and each created model follows a high-quality benchmark. A family home or office space - the Schmidler range of products will fully satisfy all your expectations, as well as the set goals of every interior designer.


Your bathroom and kitchen as well as business and personal spaces deserve to be complete and refined. Schmidler therefore thinks about all the details, from those that set the vibe on the entire space to those that may not be visible but necessary for a flawless functioning. Various types of faucets, handles, hoses and shower consoles, bathroom accessories and concealed systems, are the range of products of a guaranteed quality and of which we are exceptionally proud of.



The constant quest for design in Schmidler means the brand never stops following innovation in production and world trends. In order to make products better fit into your bathroom space, kitchens and business or private places in general, you can select either a chrome or white version. The wide range of design solutions can satisfy every taste, from the most traditional to the most innovative. Moreover, the design of the accessories adapts to the faucet design creating a harmonious complex.


Impressive and cosmopolitan, the city of Dubai is always keeping up with the latest trends. The Dubai faucet collection is equally impressive, with a design that will be the perfect finishing touch to any sophisticated interior.  The Dubai collection comes in four sophisticated finishes - black, chrome, black/rose gold, and black/chrome.



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